Do not let the cartoonish alligator logo put you off from HostGator. The Logo comes from a certain college in Florida that the founder of the company attended. The company has been verified to manage a little more than one percent of all the traffic on the internet. The company received numerous awards from organizations that rate web hosting as being the best and their products show the company deserves the recognition.

You get a lot at HostGator and it is relatively cheap. Each web hosting plan offers a variety of payment options. You can pay per month which is usually the most expensive or pay as little as $1.46 for a plan that will work for most blogs. The plan structure is designed to work your way into a huge internet business from a tiny idea with steps that are practical, affordable, and easy to understand. The most comprehensive business web hosting plan is $2.26 per month.

In our HostGator review, we found that they have the equipment to back up their 99.9 percent up time claim. There are over 12,000 servers that are rented from a server maintenance company that specializes in data safety, speedy transfers between servers, fire protection, water protection, power backup, and is considered one of the most environmentally friendly server services in the world.

HostGator has established very workable relationships with all of the companies that make their company work. Cisco, AT&T, Webly and a host of other companies are very interested in the success of HostGator because the companies get a regular income from a private company that serves over eight million domains.

HostGator has been verified by numerous individuals and small companies to live up to every word of their 45 day refund plan. You pay for what you used and for the domain name but you can get anything else back. The site has a special form for refunds and you can get a refund in a week through Paypal, a credit card, or a check.

One of the better things about HostGator compared to many other web hosts is that the development and maintenance screen you use are totally separate and independent from the screen at the HostGator site you download, communicate, and upgrade from. This gives you a higher level of security and the ability to use your system to add an extra level of protection against hackers.

HostGator has suffered two major attacks from hackers. One of the advantages the company structured on rented servers has is a faster reboot after a hack attempt.

HostGator is extremely business friendly. Even if you known nothing, the platform to set up and personalize your company web site is so simple to understand and use that anyone can do it. The system is designed to be upgraded in incremental steps that not only make business sense but add higher levels of security and better business management tracking as your business grows. The upgrades to the best HostGator offer cost peanuts.

HostGator prefers Linux but can be Windows if you desire. The help is real help. You get specific answers that work to specific problems.

HostGator works on the basis of price, service, upgrades, business utility, and ease of use. The company does a remarkable job with 200 people that many that employ thousands cannot match.